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Our company’s strengths

  • Dedicated to creating sound

    Audio products are now essential for our lives.
    Our sound creation has been developed while listening to valuable opinions and requests from our customers.
    We are proud of the sound creating technologies we have produced through these experiences; these technologies are our greatest strengths.
    In recent years, we have received ODM/OEM production orders from many manufacturers leading the domestic audio market.
    We will keep creating sounds in accordance with requests of customers with attitude of creating good sound constantly.

  • Assured quality with excellent robustness

    We always have been listening to customers’ voices with modesty and developing products exhibiting robust and stable functions.
    • ■ Headsets that are durable in severe environments including construction sites and broadcasting sites
    • ■ Earphones for information communication that support hard public service operations related to maintaining public order, disaster prevention and public safety
    • ■ Speakers for acoustic traffic signals that guide people with visual challenges at pedestrian crossings
    • ■ Microphones for business radio communication widely used in commercial facilities and theme parks
    Many of our other products are used throughout Japan and the world.
  • Reliability and achievement proven by our history of over 70 years

    Since our company was founded in 1942, we have been working hard to develop products to be fit to the trend of the times to contribute to making affluent societies and offering various audio products with high reliability.
    Our products manufactured based on our unique product development philosophy and production technologies are deeply rooted in social life and earned patronage and evaluation from many customers in various fields domestically and overseas.
    We will continue working hard to manufacture products with devotion while treasuring “sound quality first” and “robustness principle” as our philosophies we have been embracing since our company was founded.

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