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Our company succeeded ASHIDA COMPANY founded as the Far Eastern general agent of Magnavox in 1924. In 1942, importing speakers from the United States was stopped due to the deterioration of the relationship between Japan and the United States. However, Yanagawa Haruo, who was my grandfather and founded ASHIDA SOUND, planned the domestic production of speakers. In 1925, the company used ASHIDAVOX (VOX means voice in Latin) as the trademark and that has been part of the history of the acoustic equipment industry for the 70 years since then. In the Japanese acoustic equipment industry, many manufacturers started to manufacture speakers. However, one manufacturer after another stopped their business due to the raging waves of the times and we are now one of the oldest continuing domestic manufacturers.

We have only been able to carry on our business today thanks to the support and patronage from our customers. Another reason why we are still standing in the electronics industry, where a new world is created daily, is that the public recognized and needed our work as a development oriented company to aggressively develop new products ahead of the needs of the times.

In the electronics industry, digitalization will accelerate more and more towards a ubiquitous society. Under this situation, we continue to aggressively research and develop in order to respond to sophisticated and diversified consumer needs and implement thorough quality management. We hope to remain a company needed by and reliable for customers through offering inimitable and highly reliable products. All the staff at our company will work hard to contribute in order to help create affluent societies.

We would greatly appreciate your further support and encouragement.

Representative Director and President
Yanagawa Hisashi
Representative Director and President Yanagawa Hisashi

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